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Narayan Medical College and Hospital in Sasaram

Narayan medical college and hospital
Narayan Medical College & Hospital, Sasaram was instituted in the year 2008 and got the approval to start MBBS programme from 2010-11 academic year. The student capacity is 250. NMCH will always strive to dimension new amateurs in the field of health education and research. Narayan Medical College and Hospital was established in 2008, affiliated to Veer Kunwar Singh University Arrah. The Institute is approved by Medical Council of India, New Delhi. For admission to MBBS course, the candidate should have passed HSC or ICSE or CBSE Examination in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English individually and must have acquired 50% (for SC / ST at least 40%) marks in Physics, Chemistry & Biology taken together at the qualifying examination or equivalent. The candidate impetrationing admission to these courses should be an Indian national and should have completed 17 years of age on or before 31st Dec. of the admission year......

Narayan Medical college
The commencement has been made over 65 acare land that houses the Medical College building and a 400 beded hospital the which offers the best medical care and attention to each and every category of patients and provides the world class health care services by experienced doctors and health professionals. Narayan Medical College and Hospital has attracted the attention of a large section of the community and has been any one with his salt to live up to its legend of providing modern health care services in an environment of friendly participation and academic environment. 

Medical Facilities :-

Highly advanced Operation Theatres in different departments with the facilities like laproscopy unit, Feco unit for eye and other state of the art equipments available in the Hospital.
Highly Advanced and sophisticated ICU Units in different departments.
The college and hospital also furnished with the best and refined instruments for diagnostic procedures including X-ray unit, Colour dopplers, Ultra Sounds etc. 
24 Hours emergency facility available with Ambulance facilities.


Dr. Mohan Lal Verma MBBS MD( Pharmacology)
Medical Superintendent
Dr. M. R. Soangra Medical Superintendent
Dr. Neeraj Kumar Professor
Dr. Neelam Sinha Associate Professor
Dr. Shambhu Prasad Assistant Professor
Dr. Ramanuj Singh Assistant Professor
Dr. Rizwan Ahmad Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Piyush Om Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Sanjeet Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Pawan Kumar Nirala Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Raja Ram Singh Professor
Dr. Utapala Das Associate Professor
Dr. Ashok Kumar Deo Assistant Professor
Dr. M. K. Upadhyay Assistant Professor
Dr.V.P.Singh Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Randhir kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Jay Jyoti Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Devendra Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. B. P. Gupta Professor
Dr. Y.M.Pawar Professor
Dr. P. Biswas Professor
Dr. Sunita Tripathi Associate Professor
Dr. Ratna Priya Assistant Professor
Dr. Vijay Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Vinay Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Sudhir Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Satya Prakash Singh Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. J. K. Purve Professor
Dr. M. L. Verma Associate Professor
Dr. Shri Prakash Upadhyay Associate Professor
Dr. S. M. Javed Assistant Professor
Dr. Shawana Barkat Assistant Professor
Dr. Sohail Ahmad Assistant Professor
Dr. Lalan Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Alok Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Madhusudan Prasad Professor
Dr. Bijoy Kumar Khetan Professor
Dr. Raja Ram kumar Associate Professor
Dr. Praveen A. Shinde Assistant Professor
Dr. Rakshinda Karim Assistant Professor
Dr. Md. Imdad Ali Assistant Professor
Dr. Dhanesh Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Patel Assistant Professor
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Gupta Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Shailendra Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Rajnish Kumar Ranjan Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Kaushal Kumar Gupta Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Praveen Kumar Singh Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. (Mrs) Manjushree Professor
Dr. M. M. P. Singh Associate Professor
Dr. Istihaque Ahmad Assistant Professor
Dr. Rehana Barkat Assistant Professor
Dr. Muzaffari Yasmeen Assistant Professor
Dr. Dipankar Paul Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Ganesh Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Kamlesh Chandra Tutor/Sr. Resident
Forensic Medicine
Dr. M. P. Sangale Professor
Dr. Manoj Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr. Umar Bin Abdul Aziz Assistant Professor
Dr. Md. Mahtab Ali Tahir Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. M. N. Ghosh Professor
Dr. Sujit Kumar Ghosh Associate Professor
Dr. M. R. Soangra Associate Professor
Dr. Shashi Bhushan Kumar Associate Professor
Dr. Sahana Mohapatra Associate Professor
Dr. Sunil Kumar Associate Professor
Dr. Kumari Veena Sinha Assistant Professor
Dr. N. K. Joshi Assistant Professor
Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor
Dr. Sumeet Dixit Assistant Professor
Dr. Manoranjan Sharma Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Anand Krishna Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Vikash Kumar Sinha Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Jamaluddin Tutor/Sr. Resident
General Medicine
Dr. P. C. Bhattacharya Professor
Dr. Nagendra Choudhary Associate Professor
Dr. Satish kumar Singh Assistant Professor
Dr. Chandreshwar Prasad Assistant Professor
Dr. Amreshwar Rai Assistant Professor
Dr. Jitendra Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr. Md. Azhar Hassan Assistant Professor
Dr. Md. Yasin Assistant Professor
Dr. Avinash Chandra Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Manoj Kumar Srivastav Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Shiv Shankar Rai Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Nishindra Kinjalk Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Manoj Kumar                             Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Roshan Verma Junior Resident
Dr. Amarjeet Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Naveen Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Priya Ranjan Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Abhishek Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Amit Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Ravi Ranjan Junior Resident
Dr. Shamsher Alam Junior Resident
Dr. Kumar Keshav Chandra Junior Resident
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Bharti Junior Resident
General Surgery
Dr. H. D. Tripathi Professor
Dr. H. D. Tripathi Associate Professor
Dr. Amarendra Kumar Sinha Associate Professor
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Singh Associate Professor
Dr. Janardan Prasad Assistant Professor
Dr. Chidanandbedjirgi Assistant Professor
Dr. Krishna Nand Singh Assistant Professor
Dr. Alok Ranjan Assistant Professor
Dr. Abhishek Agrawal Assistant Professor
Dr. Brajesh Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr. Sudish Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr. Mukesh Kumar Soni Assistant Professor/ SR
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha Assistant Professor/ SR
Dr. Nitin Gupta Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Upendra Kumar Singh Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr.Vivekanand Rai Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Subhas Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Pramendra Singh Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Ravishankar Prasad Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Kameshwar Mahto Junior Resident
Dr. Chandan Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Junior Resident
Dr. Ashok Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Bayelal Mahto Junior Resident
Dr. Mritunjay Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Santosh Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Ashok Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Ravi Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Kumar Jitu Junior Resident
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Vimal Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. S. N. Thakur Professor
Dr. Raghvendra Narayan Associate Professor
Dr. Manikant Kumar Associate Professor
Dr. Prashant Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr. Sashi Bhushan Assistant Professor/ SR
Dr. Madhukar Pandey Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Sanjulata Singh Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Deepak Verma Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Bipul Kumar Singh Junior Resident
Dr. Naveen Singh Junior Resident
Dr. Ravindra Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Neha Priya Junior Resident
Dr. Anil Kumar Bharti Junior Resident
Dr. Md. Gajanphar Ali Junior Resident
Dr. R. Kumar Professor
Dr. Dara Singh Professor/ Associate
Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Professor/ Associate
Dr. Suresh Kumar Suman Assistant Professor
Dr. Amresh Pd. Sinha
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Shivam Sinha Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Brajesh Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Aman Deep Singh Ajamani Junior Resident
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Kunal Kumar Anand Junior Resident
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Jha Junior Resident
Dr. Rajnish Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Umesh Prasad Junior Resident
Dr. Rajendra Mishra Professor
Dr. Surendra Prasad Associate Professor
Dr. Ram Lakhan Singh Assistant Professor
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Sanjay Prakash Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Ashish Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Sushil Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Suman Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Bimal Chandra Professor
Dr. Santosh Kumar Mishra   Assist. Professor
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Assist. Professor/SR
Dr. Rajanath Singh Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Amit Gupta Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Md. Sikandar Hayat Junior Resident
Dr. Ajay Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Kunal Kumar Singh Junior Resident
Dr. Sudip Kumar Basu Professor
Dr. Shyama Rani  Prasad Professor/ Associate
Dr. Pramila Gupta Professor/ Associate
Dr. Moti Sinha Associate Pro/ Assist. Prof
Dr. Manju Sinha Associate Pro/ Assist. Prof
Dr. Mamta Kumari Assistant Professor
Dr. Mridula Kumari Assistant Professor
Dr. Anita Kumari Assistant Professor
Dr. Sweta Agrawal Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Preeti Singh Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Minakoo Singh Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Arti Kumari Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Ankita Satya Rajput Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Sushmita Pushpam Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Pragya Pandey Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Sushma Kumari Junior Resident
Dr. Nidhi Bajaj Junior Resident
Dr. Kanti Kumari Junior Resident
Dr. Smriti Kumari Junior Resident
Dr. Richa Singh Junior Resident
Dr. Meenakshi Dubey Junior Resident
Dr. Suman Kumari Keshri Junior Resident
Dr. Ram Udgar Prasad Junior Resident
Dr. Vankaiah Vadavalli Professor
Dr. Mukesh Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr. Md. Yasin Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Mohammad Mushtaq Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Sri Niwas Junior Resident
Dr. Rashmi Ojha Junior Resident
Dr. A. K. Gupta Professor
Dr. Narendra Nath Bhuiyan Associate Professor
Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh Associate Professor
Dr. Prem Shankar Tiwari Assistant Professor
Dr. Mahip Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor
Dr. Vishavnath Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr. Ramjeet Maurya Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Birendra Pd. Sinha Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Surya Prakash Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Sushil Kumar Jaishwal Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Rohit Agrawal Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Indrajit Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Hari Nath Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Sushil Kr. Shandilya Professor
Dr. Pramode Sinha Associate Professor
Dr. Chandan Kishore Assistant Professor
Dr. H.K. Rai Assistant Professor/ SR
Dr. Sunil Fakey Assistant Professor/ SR
Dr. Kundan Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Shiv Mani Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Sunil Kumar Dubey Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Supriya Kumari Tutor/Sr. Resident
Skin & V.D.
Dr. Raghunath Lahiri Professor
Dr. Punit Kumar Singh Assistant Professor
Dr. S. C. Mohanty Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh Junior Resident
Dr. C. P. Roshan Junior Resident
Dr. Krishna Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Vinay Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Jai Prakash Narayan Professor
Dr. S. Kumar Pathak Assistant Professor
Dr. Krishna Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Pushpesh Gupta Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Satyendra Kumar Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Mreetunjay Singh Junior Resident
Dr. Rajan Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Ranjan Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Vijoy Kumar Singh Professor
Dr. Choudhary Laxmi Narayan Associate Professor/ A.P.
Dr. Abhay Kumar Assistant Professor/ S.R.
Dr. Raj Shekhar Singh Tutor/Sr. Resident
Dr. Dharmbir Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Vinay Kumar Junior Resident
Dr. Subodh Kumar Verma Junior Resident
Dr. Madhumala  
Dr. Anand Lal  
Dr. Suman Kumar

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