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Pawapuri Tourism In Bihar

Pawapuri, also known as, Apapuri, the sinless town, is a very Supernatural Jain Pilgrimage tourist center. It is located 38 km from Rajgir and 90 kms from Patna city in Bihar. It was here that Lord Mahavira, the founder of Jainism attained rescue. It is said that the demand for his adorable ashes was so great that a large amount of province was removed around the funeral pyre creating the lotus –filled tank.

A - period on a beautiful temple known as Jalmandir was Builted from white marble in the center of the tank to consecrate the Lord's Nirvana. Lord Mahavira, breathed his last here and was Cremation here around 500 B.C. A large number of Jain pilgrims throng here. Samosharan, another Jain temple, is also located here. The best time to visit Pawapuri is between October and March.

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