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Sanjay Gandhi Zoo Patna

Sanjay gandhi udhyan
Sanjay Gandhi Botanical and Zoological Garden of Patna also known as Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik udyan Patna is established on Bailey Road in Patna is one of the most happening situation in Patna. People come here for Being knowledge of the nature and to know about the different type of animals and to see them. Machhali Ghar (Fish Aquarium) Saamp ghar (Snake house) and many types of birds are very famous amongst the visitors. Toy Train, elephant riding and boating are the main temptation for children. Patna Zoo is the main dating location for Youth in Patna. Many People come here in the morning for the morning walk so this is also important as a place to come for healthy living and doing yoga. Families come here for picnic and other celebration. Patna Zoo is also having a good cafeteria....

In Sanjay Gandhi Botanical and Zoological Garden Patna is Be many Lions, Deers, Elephants, Beers, Monkeys, Tigers, Leopards, Amu, Peacock, etc. In the Patna zoo there are many Kindred of trees so that this is a nice place for researchers.

Sanjay Gandhi Zoo in Patna today holds a distinct place at international level for its rhinos population and has earned Reputation for its breeding techniques. The innovative techniques being Consumption for rhino observance at Patna zoo have been appreciated worldwide.

Recently, California's San Diego Zoo that holds number one position for rhino breeding in the world had sought two male rhinos in return of a rhinoceros and a baby rhino for genetic pond variation under exchange programme. The Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan, which is a Biological and a Botanical garden has raised its population of rhinos from 2 to 11 and holds second position after California zoo.

The only white tigress killed in Patna zoo
3 July 2011

Patna zoo director, said Abhay Kumar, Tejaswini, a tigress with visceral disease died Saturday. Tejaswini Patna zoo was the only white tigress. Sanjay Gandhi Biological park known as the zoo was the center of attraction in the 10-year-old Tejaswini. In 2005 he was brought here from Delhi Zoo.

Dispersion over an area of 104 sq. km, it has a powerful historical background. In the pre independence period, when the Forest Department came into Presence, they named the forest area near the two ancient ports of Nala Sopara and Kalyan ( 4th century) as the Krishnagiri National Park and at the time the area was just 20.26 sq.km. And in 1969, the park was broadcast to its present size.