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The most famous festival of Bihar

Festivals in Province State is steeped in account and has a tasteful tradition of festivals from second primeval. Province as an ancient ground has a oblong table of festivals and fairs which the people of State actively construe voice in. The most famous festival of Bihar is Chatth Puja which is famed twice in a gathering, once in Marching and the another in Nov. Sama-Chakeva is added celebration illustrious in Bihar especially in Mithila. Ramnavami, Makar Sankranti, Nagpanchami, Dushahra, Diwali are both of the remaining festivals glorious in State.

Koshi MahotsavKoshi mahotsav:- Bihar regime has decided to pioneer koshi mahotsav here every year on the ornamentation of bauddha and vaishali festivals. it gift be included in the annual calendar of the posit governance. Diplomat for art and civilisation, sports and business Ashok Kumar Singh, who deserves credit for holding the Mahotsava, has blamed the previous verbalize governments for not gift antecedence to the processing of tourism in the Koshi location which has enthusiastic possibleness.

Rajgir Mahotsav
Rajgir Mahotsav:- Flavor enchanting moments and subtle nuances of nationally and internationally renowned artistes as they fulfil against the ancient scenery of Rajgriha. Acquire the sylvan environment as you endure the passing ropeway to the sightly Shanti Stupa atop atnagiri Structure. Rajgir, the ancient grapheme of the Magadhan corp in Bihar is held unspeakable by both Buddhists and Jains for its relationship with the Mystic and Mahavir. Division of Business, Province holds a colourful festival of recreation and penalty, Rajgir Mahotsav or Terpsichore Fete every twelvemonth in Rajgir. Be it helpful penalisation, devotional songs, house, line recreation, choreography or the galore schools of neoclassical diversion and penalisation, geniuses in their own realms of accomplishments, create an most delicate status.

Saint Mahotsava:- For centuries Bodhgaya has been the pilgrimage halfway for Buddhists. Buddhism
has flourished from this ancient municipality and extended throughout the world. Buddhism can be explored through its fair monasteries, form, paintings and its changeable festivals. One much
fete is Mystic Mahotsava, Bodhgaya. The celebration includes attribute pretence on tribes, jewellery and costumes, fireworks' shows, peak shows, and exhibitions. In 1998 to encourage religious and ethnical business, the Ministry of Tourism of the Amerindic authorities along with the governments of State and Uttar Pradesh launched the period festivity Gautama Mahotsava, Bodhgaya. 

Sonepur fair
Sonepur beautiful:- Sonepur is famous for hosting one of Aggregation's largest bovine fairs.All kinds of excavation animals elephants to camels,cows and goats are bought and sold at the mediocre. The Sonepur Cows Fair/Mela is held on the ample month day (Purnima) of the Hindustani lunar period of Karthik (roughly Nov) in Sonepur, in the Saran regularise in the septrional start of Province. Story has it that Sonepur was the property where, in pre historic times, the struggle between the lords of the vegetation and the nutrient, Gaj and Grah (elephant and crocodile) ended. The sensible is visited by lakhs of grouping, and the fold is the maximal on the Karttika Purnima day when the fete opens. But the most grievous of all attractions is the one where numerous elephants, beautifully decorated are unsmooth up for merchandising. The Sonepur Antimonopoly is the only one where much a prodigious determine of elephants are oversubscribed.
The illustrious cows blond is held at Sonepur, in Yankee Bihar on the botanist of the River Ganga. It is one Of the Collection's largest cows just. The filled month day of the month of Kartik (Nov) is regarded as one of the most encouraging life for the Hindus. The extended mela connecter here with the rhythmic mart has the widest conceivable ambit of cattle and commodities.

Nagpanchami:- Kamarupan Panchami is the festival of snakes celebrated on the ordinal day of the vivid fortnight in the month of Shriven.  Grouping see temples specially dedicated to snakes and
love them. Week temples are also favoured places for veneration as snakes are thoughtful good to him. This festival is to meet the day of baronage Avatar's victory over the river Kalia.

Basant Panchami:-  Basant Panchami has a fact thought, Basant implementation Become, whereas Panchami means the ordinal day of the become.  A celebration attributed to Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, Basant Panchami is also celebrated as Saraswati Puja in the Northbound. Vasant Panchami is also believed as the birthday of Goddess Saraswati The festivity is historied with riddled vivacity and recreation to pock the end of the winters. It is one of the best festivals of the Assemblage and is renowned all over Bharat.

Shivratri :- According to the Hindu institution, praying to Noble Shiva during this festival testament parceling devotees blessings and kindness for their sins. It is said that Peerage Week wed Goddess Parvati on Mahashivratri. While junior girls and women follow a day-long hurrying, it is also believed that earnest love of Baronage Shibah on this day absolves one of all sins. ahashivratri falls on the 13th period and the 14th day of Krishna Paksha in the Maaga period of the Hindu calander.

Chhath PujaChhath puja:- Chhatt is sacred to the worship of the Sun God and thence, is also renowned as Surya Shashti. Chhatt is famed as thanks to the Sun for providing the necessities of aliveness on connective, and also for fulfilling fact wishes.  During the celebrations of Chhath Puja, grouping collection on the phytologist of the River Ganges to bath in its sanctified nutrient, pray and make usance offerings to the Sun God. Chhath Puja is a highly exposit festival noted for its grand representation of ablaze costumes, penalty, revealing and unrestrained rituals. Chhath Puja takes expanse, sometime during the months of October and Nov, immediately tailing the six-day festival of lights famous as Diwali. Chhath Puja lasts for most 3 days. Chhath Puja is storied mainly in Province, Absolute Pradesh, Utteranchal and Jharkhand, now a days, you can see a occasion nearly everwhere in Bharat.

Gaya-Pitrapaksha Mela: - This mela forms one of the most primal fairs of Bihar. Around Sep, the object of Gaya goes agog with the clamor of the tourists who pucker at this parcel to message the prayers to their ancestors. Practice maintains that it was Noble Siddhartha who was the early to perform 'pindaan' here.

Ramnavami:- Nascency of Lord Ram is famed on this day.This is very touristy in Blue India. uring the school days outgoing Ram Navami, ramayana is record or chanted.vaishali Mahotsav:- Vaishali Mahotsava is renowned by both the Digambara and the Shwetambara Jains. The festivity is held on the birthday of Peerage Mahavir, the Religion Teerthankar, on 13th day of the polished half of the Chaithra month. Noble Vaishali Mahotsava is held every gathering to keep the nascence day of the Jainist Tirthankar, Nobleman Mahavir on the total slug day of the period of "Vaisakh" (mid-April).